Voice Automated Box

“This bundle was created with the early adopter in mind. Amazon Echo's voice activation makes you feel like you have a robot butler ready to meet your needs.”

- John Torres, Designer

This Box Includes:

  • Selected Products

  • Professional Installation

  • Setup & Configuration

  • 21 day trial




What's in the Box


Amazon Echo

More than a year after its debut, the Echo is smarter than ever, and one of the best connected home products money can currently buy.
— Cnet.com

Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen)

This is easiest, most intuitive thermostat we tested. It works well on its own or when integrated with other smart-home products.
— thewirecutter.com

Philips Hue (2nd Gen)

Philips Hue’s LEDs are still the color-changing bulbs to beat
— Cnet.com


Organize your day with our workflows

Automate your Life with Mosaic's AI

alexa scene.jpg

Mosaic's AI Chatbot connects all your devices to make your day more efficient and productive with powerful workflows that support and improve upon your lifestyle.

  • Begin heating your house up to the perfect temperature when you leave work. When you get home, your house will already be lit up to save you from fumbling around in the dark.
  • Augment your breakfast routine with the traffic, weather and your calendar read out for you in the morning.
  • Watching a Movie? Dim the lights and turn the temperature up a bit for an comfortable theater experience.