Smart Home in a Box

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All-in-one solution

How It Works


Customized to your Home

We customize a curated box to your home and your needs.


Professional Installation*

You pick the box, we handle the installation.
*Starting in the Bay Area.


Best Products in one Box

We’ve sorted through hundreds of products and thousands of configurations. We picked the best for you.



21 Day Trial

Try the products for 21 days. Don't like them? Return the box and get a refund.


Managed by AI Chatbot

Use Mosaic's AI Chatbot to manage your products through Facebook Messenger, SMS, Amazon Echo or Slack.


Build Your Own Box


Join other early adopters in the smart home revolution.

Smart Home in a Box installed and setup all my smart things for me! I couldn’t be happier with the experience and my new home
— Celine, Accountant, San Francisco, CA
All I need to do is to send a text to get my home prepared for my arrival or departure.
— Bruno, Marketing Manager, San Francisco, CA
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MOSAIC's Ai ChatBot

Chat with all your Smart Products

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Mosaic's AI allows you to connect all your products together and control them through simple conversation.


How to Start


Choose a curated box


Talk with us, we customize your box


We deliver, install, and setup your products



Starting in the Bay Area

We provide professional installation and setup of Smart Home Boxes within the Bay Area.

Not in the Bay Area?  Give us a shout and tell us your needs.